late 1830s some clever clogs built the first “computer”…this mechanical genie was called “the analytical engine”… actually, it was a real working product and not a genie, in other words: around 1830s the manKind reached out to sky, unleashing chains and exploring new levels of possibilities using science and arts to help out the mass, scientists started a series of visions which later landed in our world in different names such as smart machines, google and blockchain money and DApps. hold on one second please as the story of the civilization continues…more than a decade after the genie, around early 1850s another clever clogs, a Real clever one this time, on the other half of the globe was secretly and persistently designing something else, something bigger..something meaningful….holding its value within…. he was building a concept, just a concept, but if this concept works as planned, it might lift our galaxy out of its eternal misery, he simply but brilliantly believed in the future of the customized solutions for his clients, that was the birth of the KYC -know your customer- technologies, unbelievable, ha!? the 18th century?? WOW.Wow and Wow, humanity & science seem to be chasing some skyrockets’ highs in that damn 18th century, no kidding, Yesss, but how the second dude helped his clients withzzzzzz this….eeeeeh….what was it again!! ..K Y what!!…Anyways, this big….very big concept thing? ok…OK..the MD Samuel Adolphus Cartwright, a famous physician (well..maybe he wasn’t that famous..but still…) who attended the University of Pennsylvania Medical School had architected a “disease” …what!?.. Yes, a mental disease…. he provided his slaves’ owners clients with an explanatory diagnostic manual of a new brain disorder called the “drapeTOmania” or literally “THE RUNNING SLAVE SYNDROME” (what a brand!!) just in case the slaves’ owners were wondering why would a well (or poorly) fed slave even think of running away….that unsolved paradox of all times….so here you go, now the slave who’s seeking for his freedom is clinically and officially mentally disturbed……stupidAss Adolphus-the clogs- went even further in his generous creativity trend, and genuinely decided not to be so marketish/cashJunkie /labeling tycoon/stigmaShiller…. so he kindly also offered help to the slaves themselves in managing their madness to get some relief from the severe pain caused by the freedom urges and craves (P.S. managing but not a cure because there is no cure for the drapetomaniaCS, a running slave will be always a running slave. period.the manual says so….and their owners would be always the re-coming clients..KYC’s first lesson..okay??), the help he offered was cutting both of the slave’s big toes so he can’t run, it wasn’t so practical but it might work for some time till he comes out of his ass with a new remedy..anyways, that was his prescription.Well, the drapetomania marketing campaign shortly failed, didn’t live long, but remember? he was initially designing a concept……concepts and ideas do not die… and the science of designing customized mental diseases outlived and survived and walked bravely through the same evolution cycles which the computer and technology went through from the 18th century till this moment and the disease market became an unstoppable-with self developing and correcting dynamics- trillions of dollars market. the market of the customized mental diseases…. to be continued.

that’s was only the title, as the body of the article is not yet written… ..i know, i know…spelling mistakes abnormality, phrase structuring dis functionality , grammar disorders, inconsistent narration mania, distracted ideas type 4 bipolar, disassociation from facts and reality borderline kind of split personalty, mixed delusions with facts spasms…crooked humor seizures..confused content pre-frontal lobe irregularity  … i admit all these symptoms but all  these are manageable but no cure unfortunately ….Welcome to the beautiful gardens of lasegue-falretnewww - Copy  .


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